Absolute Asbestos Removal Bankstown

Absolute Asbestos Removal Bankstown. Proudly servicing Bankstown, and all surrounding areas like Strathfield, Lidcombe, Punchbowl, Villawood, Kingsgrove, we are primarily an asbestos removal company.

If you have a home built prior to 1970, there is a high chance you could have asbestos in it. If you’re looking to demolish your shed, or part of your home for an extension, then get us in for some asbestos testing. We can test a sample and let you know what you are dealing with.

If you’ve already done asbestos testing and it’s time for it to be removed, then this is where we can help. We adhere to the highest safety regulations, we are one of only a few A Class and B Class ticket holders in NSW. This means we are legally licensed to work with all kinds of asbestos that we find, even friable asbestos.

Most other asbestos removal companies aren’t licensed to handle friable asbestos.

We are also a demolition company as well. We find this works hand in hand with asbestos removal, because often customers are doing knockdown and rebuilds of homes, sheds, garages, and we are already there to assist.

This ensures one company is accountable for the quality of the job, and it can also help keep a lid on costs because the team is already onsite with our equipment.

So if you’re in Bankstown or the surrounding areas, give us a call, we are local and we can come to you for a free quote.