Absolute Asbestos Removal Penrith

Absolute asbestos removal Penrith, NSW

As our name suggests, we remove asbestos. Hi and welcome to Absolute Asbestos Removal Penrith. We service Penrith and surrounding suburbs like Cranebrook, Castlereagh, Mount Druitt, Glenmore Park, Blacktown, Doonside and more. Give us a call if we are around your area, and we can certainly travel to come see you.

Many houses built prior to 1970 in Sydney have a high chance of containing asbestos. So if you’re looking to knock down and rebuild, or renovate, then it’s worth getting in touch with us to do some asbestos testing (We can test a small sample) and then give a competitive well priced quote for the asbestos removal if there is any.

We are also a fully licensed demolition company as well. Normally this is a separate field to asbestos removal. But the benefits are that we are often cheaper because we know how to tie in the asbestos removal and demolition work, and we are all on site.

We’ve been removing Asbestos in Sydney for over a decade. In that time we’ve stayed at the top of our game with the licensing requirements. We are one of a handful of asbestos removal companies in NSW licensed to do both Friable and Non Friable. The A and B Class Tickets mean there’s no asbestos we can’t legally remove. So we are certain to be able to help you should you have some lurking in your home.

If you’re in the Penrith region, or Western Suburbs of Sydney, give us a call. We are real people who love a friendly chat, and we will see if we can assist you the easiest and most cost effective way possible.